Conekt has a firm belief in Customer Chemistry. We are continually striving to ensure that the chemistry between the customer and the personnel we provision is harmonious and healthy. Our strategic customer engagements are delivered with dedicated teams and these teams are carefully chosen, often with the involvement of the customer. Should a technician of ours not fulfill this customer chemistry requirement, the individual is swopped out with a more suitable person. This has proven a winning strategy for Conekt in the past and we continue to refine and perfect this concept.

  • Our boutique IT service is tailored to fit your business and not the industry cookie cutter norm.

    Andre Minnaar-Scheepers, Service Delivery Manager – Conekt Business Group
  • Conekt Business Group, where Customer Chemistry actually means something.

    Andrew Hill, Service Delivery Director – Conekt Business Group
  • On behalf of Provantage Media Group I would like to thank you and your team at Conekt for the excellent service we have received thus far. Since you started looking after our IT requirements during February this year there has been a serious overall improvement right through all the needs our difficult environment provides. Your dedication, availability and professional attitude really makes it a pleasure to be working with you guys.

    Ruan Burger, Group Financial Executive – Provantage Media Group
  • Conekt transformed my IT environment 7 years ago, and are still managing and moving my business forwards today …

    Hans Queisser – Managing Director: Finance & Logistics – Separations
  • Conekt is a valued partner to our Group, excellent at providing support, services and highly competent resources, to both our organization and our customers, across a wide range of IT disciplines.

    Andy Irving, Internal Services Manager – Advancenet