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How can
we CONEKT you?

Level 1 B-BBEE

Conekt has a firm belief in Customer Chemistry. We are continually striving to ensure that the chemistry between the customer and the personnel we provision is harmonious and healthy. Our strategic customer engagements are delivered with dedicated teams and these teams are carefully chosen, often with the involvement of the customer. Should a technician of ours not fulfill this customer chemistry requirement, the individual is swopped out with a more suitable person. This has proven a winning strategy for Conekt in the past and we continue to refine and perfect this concept.

Driving your organisational effectiveness and operational efficiency

Upscaling and diversifying our offerings, allowed us to better collaborate across our group of companies, and provide a one-stop-shop for all your IT requirements, helping you unlock your business’ potential.

We start every interaction, by asking the same question “How can we Conekt you?” Over the last 25 years, we have grown to be more than simply a service provider, but shifted in this ever changing, fluid world, providing the relevant solution that helps better Conekt your world.

IT focused, business solution group

Over 25 years industry knowledge and experience

We endeavour to exceed the expectations of being just an IT Services Provider, but rather strive to be seen and considered as Your Information Technology Partner

This requires us to earn your trust, keep it and build a core partnership foundation based on us being hard-working, straight-talking, honest, and transparent (hence the term “BS-free IT”).

So… If the idea of engaging with an Information Technology Partner, rather than just an Information Technology Services Provider, delivering “BS-free IT” appeals to you, then contact us to discuss Conekting your World…


Your business processes

Can your wallet afford mistakes and downtime? Let us assist you to save time and money with convenient, easy-to-use, cost-effective, and flexible solutions to simplify your business processes.


Upscaling and diversifying our offerings, allows us to collaborate across our group of companies, and provide a one-stop-shop for all your IT requirements, helping you unlock your business and brands potential.

You need support, we got it. We create customised support agreements that suit your needs.

Secure everything where it is. Security solutions that give you peace of mind without impacting productivity.

Unique relationships with global suppliers and technology leaders means we are able to bring you the best IT Hardware and service at the best price.

Our resourcing team specialises in finding unique IT resources to fit with your team. Either the latest technology or obscure legacy, get in touch!

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